Work Overview (older)

DEZ ’16  Finalising “Dark Journey” Music Video
 Auszeichnung mit dem “Deutschen Rock & Pop Preis 2016”
14.11.2016 RELEASE  Music Video for ‘Sweet Sadness
OKT-NOV ’16  Video shoot for ‘Sweet sadness’, songwriting for album 6 & 7
21.10.2016 RELEASE  Digital RELEASE ‘Through the Dark’ @cdbaby
22.09.2016 RELEASE  CD RELEASE selfmade album #2 ‘Through the Dark’ 
AUG-SEP ’16  Video shoot for ‘Dark Journey’
04.08.2016  ‘Through the Dark’ CD arrives from press plant
JUL ’16  Mastering phase and artwork creation of ‘Through the Dark’
25.05.2016 Collaboration  Release co-written single “Illusory Chains” (by Robert Christa)
APR-MAY ’16  Finished songwriting and lyrics for my 3rd & 4th album
28.03.2016  Started my 4th screenplay (Genre: Comedy, Romantic)
FEB-MAR ’16  Writing my 3rd screenplay (Genre: Historic, Drama)
JAN-JUN ’16  ReArrangement & Remixing my 2nd album “Through the Dark”

NOV-DEC 15 – Writing my 2nd screenplay (Genre: Historic, Adventure, Drama)
JUL-OCT 15 – MIXING my 2nd album “Through the Dark”
APR-JUN 15 – Editing my 2nd album “Through the Dark”
07.04.2015 – Release co-written single “Share it with music (by Robert Christa)
JAN-MAR – Recording my 2nd album “Through the Dark”


19.11.2014 – Finished my 1st screenplay (Genre: Fantasy / 120 pages)
SEP-DEC – Local tour, playing live @Würzburg Street Festival, Birkenried Gundelfingen, SongwritersNight)
28.08.2014 – Published my 1st little poetry book “Poems/Proverbs/Wisdoms Vol. 1”
26.08.2014 – Release of my 3rd official music video “A day” – Carreaux
04.08.2014 – Started demo pre-production for my 2nd LP “Through the Dark”
27.06.2014 – Release of my 2nd official music video “It doesn’t matter” – Carreaux
25.05.2014 – Release of my 1st official music videoWill You – Carreaux”
26.05.2014 – Release of my selfmade debut recordOrdinary Exception”   @cdbaby   @getyourmusic
JAN-MAY 14 – Production of my debut record “Ordinary Exception”

– Previous years –


> SEPT-NOV 13 – Demo pre-production for my 1st LP “Ordinary Exception”
> 2012 – 2013 – Songwriting for my #4th album BTC and poetry work (unpublished)
> Poetry work and lyrics (published)
> Songwriting for my #3rd album ABYT and poetry work (published)


> Songwriting for my #2nd album Through the Dark


> Songwriting for my #1st album Ordinary Exception


> First short film production during a school project as a writer/director/lead actor
> First attempts in camera work, directing and audio recording at home
> First attempt to write a novel and draw comics, collecting ideas for my first screenplay
> Writing my first short stories